Mobile slots are an exciting and inviting way to win some money and have fun at home or on the go. Many great online casino slot games can entertain you for hours, days, weeks, or more.

If you are a newcomer to mobile slot games, rest assured that you will not be belittled or handicapped. In fact, you may get even better deals, cashbacks, deposit bonuses, and free spins than other loyal customers!

Many daily and weekly bonuses available on today’s marketplace are a great motivation to get into mobile slot gambling. The sheer fun and bonuses are the reason why mobile slots invite more and more players to them. Alongside these bonuses, players can also look forward to winning casino jackpots.

Online Slots Basics

First things first, before hitting the jackpot, you should learn about the symbols and gaming options at online casino mobile slots.

All online casino slots have unique themes, sounds, and appearances. When you finally select one that interests you, be sure to read the game table. Game tables are guides and tutorials about slot symbols and the features they offer. Usually, all casinos follow the general idea of features with their original take.

Here’s a brief explanation of what those symbols might mean when spinning the reels:

  • Wilds are symbols that act as a substitute for other adjacent symbols, making it easier to combine a winning payline.
  • Scatters are unique symbols that land across the reels. When a scatter lands, various features, including bonus games or free spins, activate for free.
  • Multipliers are symbols that multiply a player’s original bet to a designated amount.
  • Sticky is a favorable symbol that remains on the reels for a certain number of spins, making it easier to hit a valuable payline;
  • Stacked symbols align themselves on the rows across the screen, usually forming a word or an interesting pattern that gives players some bonus.

Besides these symbols, slots offer features that activate bonus games and grant players free spins.

Online casino free spins are usually the game-changing factor in your gambling sessions. They basically allow you to bet for free. Free spin bonuses vary from slot to slot.

Jackpots are the creme de la creme of slots. They can offer players life-changing prizes. In fact, jackpots can sometimes reach even millions of dollars! What’s more, many players play slots only to win a jackpot. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to read our casino jackpot guide and make the most out of your spins!

Free Spins and How to Get Them

Free spins increase your chances of winning bonus games, features, money, and even jackpots. That’s why you should keep an eye on online casino welcome, daily, and weekly bonus packages.

Online casinos usually offer free spin bonuses as a part of their welcome package when registering or making an initial deposit. These free spins are not a gimmick. They mean real money.

These are some of the free spins bonuses that you’ll encounter when playing mobile slots: 

  • No-deposit free spins mean you need to register to a casino without depositing to get free spins.
  • Wager-free free spins mean that you can withdraw the money earned from these spins without any restrictions.
  • Deposit-free spins are available when you make the first deposit.
  • In-game free spins are spins that you unlock during your features and in-game bonus actions.

Read more about online casino free spins to further your chances of winning serious money.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before playing with real money, you can try a few free mobile slot games online so you could get a sense of them. It’s best to familiarize yourself with the slots before making the significant step of investing your money.

It is also helpful to research the slot you are interested in and read everything you need to know to win this game. That way, you can maximize your chances of winning cash and having fun while playing online casino mobile slots.


Playing slot games is a favorite pastime for countless players. However, most inexperienced gaming enthusiasts ask how do online slot casino tournaments work? Indeed, since slots are among the least competitive casino games available to punters, this question seems legitimate. Regardless, slot tournaments are among the most widespread casino competitions because of the game’s straightforward nature.

These competitions are easy to get accustomed to and involve playing against other players merely by spinning your game’s reels. Once the tournament is over, the grand prize goes to the player who has accumulated the most winnings. The process is equally straightforward in terms of preparation and requires getting to know the game you’ll play. But, it’s vital to understand what you’re getting yourself into if you’ve never participated in such contests, so let’s see how they work in detail.

How Do Online Casino Slot Tournaments Work? The Basic Format

When it comes to traditional slot tournaments in land-based casinos, they were easy to spot. You would go for a night out in your favorite venue, and sometimes you would notice ropes blocking off a portion of the casino floor. Behind the ropes, people would typically spin the slots at furious speeds while chasing the jackpot. This image used to be synonymous with the slot tournaments and gameplay of old (more info at

Despite the industry’s transition online, little has changed in these competitions’ format. The typical design includes the casino granting some credits to players who have a set amount of time to play through them. The casino will track your wins, and the tournament winner is the player who has accumulated the highest number of coins. 

Whether they take place in online or land-based venues, these competitions are an excellent catalyst for players. Tournaments build a sense of camaraderie because they gather fans from all over the world. However, since you have to focus on your game, there is little time for interaction. In other words, you shouldn’t expect a battle royal-type of competition because there is no direct conflict.

Can You Play Free Slot Tournaments?

When looking at how do online casino slot tournaments work, it stands to reason that they must be free if the casino provides players with credits. However, you’ll encounter a fixed entry fee for most online tournaments, known as the buy-in. This amount will vary depending on the contest and casino, but the funds usually make up the tournament winner’s prize. 

Consequently, countless players favor this type of tournament system because it limits their gambling expenditures in advance. Occasionally, an operator will provide online casino free spins and a free slot tournament. The purpose is to allow players to enjoy slots without investing personal funds. 

These tournaments are rare but make it possible for players to land jackpots nevertheless. However, remember that these contests are typical methods of attracting more regular players. Consequently, compared to the paid competitions, free tournaments feature much lower prizes. 

It’s also common for casinos to cater to their more loyal members by organizing private tournaments. These competitions are only available via special invite, and the quality of players varies across different venues. Nevertheless, reputable brands ensure that these impromptu tournaments are fun and memorable for their regular punters.

Slot Tournament Strategy, Tips & Rules

When asking how do online casino slot tournaments work, note that slot games are one of many casino titles that rely solely on luck. In other words, there are almost no usable strategies that can guarantee wins to players. Indeed, historically speaking, slots became popular because they didn’t require skill in the first place. 

On the other hand, experience can provide certain advantages that can mitigate luck to a degree. For example, since you’re not using your own money, playing at tournaments is different than regular games. In other words, if you’re not risking your money, it makes sense to bet as much as possible. Since the casino only calculates your wins, maximizing your winnings by playing through as much of your budget as possible is logical.

While this advice seems counterintuitive to most experienced players, keep in mind the following. You’re playing under a preset time limit, and inexperienced players make two mistakes. They either grow tired and lose speed or stick to a casual tempo. You should avoid these mistakes because you contribute nothing to your overall result if you fail to wager any credit. 

Conversely, spending time celebrating your wins is also ill-advised. If and when joy overwhelms you, it’s not wrong to voice it; but, the clock continues ticking regardless. Additionally, while you’re celebrating, other players are racking up their results and are gaining an advantage over you.

Therefore, whether you’re playing online or offline, the answer to how do online casino slot tournaments work is the same. In other words, since you’re playing within a limited timeframe, use as much of your allotted budget as possible and maintain a constant speed. In the long run, spending time before the tournament to try the controls and get to know the game is invaluable. 

Uncharacteristic Online Casino Slot Tournaments

Much of the previously mentioned guide applies to both land-based and online casino slot tournaments. However, since online casinos far outweigh their brick-and-mortar counterparts, you’ll come across operators that break the mold. 

Examples include everything from regular tournaments on specific online slot games to thematic promotional campaigns at different times of the year. Additionally, some casinos set up tournaments that don’t have a set time limit. It’s also not uncommon to encounter tournaments that don’t award players with free credits in advance. There are even examples of such competitions taking place over longer periods.

When it comes to contests where you don’t receive free credits, you might need to accumulate your score with typical, everyday playthroughs. However, one thing remains the same: the best player gets the cash prize whether the tournament lasts 20 minutes or 30 days. 

As you continue exploring the online casino slot tournament world, you’ll come across different novelty competitions in different casinos. Examples include one-shot tournaments, survivor slots tournaments, extender tournaments, reloader tournaments, comped tournaments, sit-and-go tournaments, scheduled tournaments, signup freerolls, and more.

The point is that all of these contests vary ever so slightly regarding the underlying rules and various criteria. However, their basic format is the same: multiple players compete to amass winnings, and the reward goes to the most successful individual. When it comes to how do online casino slot tournaments work, each competition follows this straightforward recipe. Good luck!


When looking at how do video slots work, you can’t put a price on the entertainment factor that comes with playing one of the most popular casino games of all time. Even inexperienced punters typically choose slots at the beginning of their online gambling adventure. When looking to create your own strategy, remember a vital fact. This game has grown into a separate and globally known casino category that has a home in every online and land-based casino on the planet. 

Thanks to an incredible betting range available, these games are a favorite among regular bettors and high-rollers alike. One can play slots with anything from a nickel to a hundred dollars per spin. Despite featuring intricate mechanics in the past (spinning the reels by pulling a lever), today’s situation is different. Slot games nowadays operate with a processor and software programmed to generate random results. You need only press a single button, and the game works out a random spin on its own. Here’s how these games work in detail.

How Do Video Slots Work? The Games’ Inner Workings

Understanding how video slots work is crucial when it comes to information required to maximize your winning chances. Arming oneself with detailed knowledge of slot mechanics is the mother of all strategies. Consequently, the alpha and omega of every slot game is the Random Number Generator (RNG). 

RNG technology is behind electronic casino games, including slots. Thanks to this software, casino games generate random and, therefore, fair results. In other words, RNG software is the brain behind software games that tells them how much the reels need to spin and when they should stop. This software is capable of producing billions of different combinations, which eliminates any possibility that the reels spin in patterns and are predictable. 

However, even the RNG’s operation often isn’t enough to convince apprehensive players that casino games are genuinely fair. Consequently, when asking how do video slots work, casinos demonstrate to their members that these games provide unpredictable outcomes. This demonstration involves casinos subjecting their software to independent audits. 

These audits put RNG software through rigorous testing annually by third-party agencies specializing in these procedures. If testing is successful, the agency provides the casino with a certificate that guarantees the software is genuinely unbiased. 

How Does An RNG Work?

A Random Number Generator is a piece of computer software that generates combinations non-stop. In other words, this software is in perpetual motion, and the generated numbers correspond with the symbols each game has on the reels. 

So, when a player presses the spin button, the software’s processor selects a set of numbers generated in that instant (usually a millisecond). Simultaneously, the game translates these numbers by immediately stopping the reels, showing which symbols correspond with the number selected. 

So, when asking how do video slots work, keep in mind that every symbol has an equal chance of appearing on the reels. Therefore, you need thousands of spins to get the same combination of symbols to show up in the same positions on the reels twice. Try to think of playing this game as follows: each millisecond you hesitate to press the spin button is equal to missing a potential jackpot. 

This logic derives from the fact that the RNG generates winning and losing combinations the entire time. So, winning the jackpot requires hitting the spin button at the exact millisecond it shows up in the never-ending combinations, which depends on pure luck.

Typical Video Slot Games: 3-Reel Vs. 5-Reel Video Slots

When it comes to this globally popular game’s origins, players could only enjoy bulky, mechanical games in land-based venues of the past. Additionally, most of these games only featured three reels, but they quickly evolved into five-reel titles. Mathematically speaking, every video slots guide casino jackpot resource correctly notes that more reels equals more fun and provides more chances for winning combinations. 

On the other hand, three-reel online casino slot games are more straightforward to understand and enjoy. However, players can win less frequently in these games because they encounter limited betting options in such games. Additionally, three-reel games have only one payline, compared to more reels and more paylines in five-reel games. In other words, playing five-reel games equals a greater chance to win more on a shorter run.

Consequently, you’ll encounter more frequent payouts on five-reel games, but they also come with additional advantages. For example, these games come with more bonuses in different forms, like second-screen bonuses and online casino free spins. Also, these games similarly boast other symbols like wilds and scatters. These symbols activate multipliers that increase the payout several times over. Therefore, you’re looking at a different variety of outcomes in five-reel games.

When it comes to other differences, five-reel games usually come with better graphics and interfaces. The entertainment and excitement factors are also typically better in these titles since three-reel slots usually follow the classic design. There’s nothing wrong with either since many punters prefer three-reeled two-dimensional gaming with inanimate symbols.  

On the other hand, when asking how do video slots work, five-reel games are usually 3D with movie clips or cartoon-like animations based on their design theme. All of these features provide a greater sense of entertainment to players.

Progressive Video Slot Games

The central aspect of progressive video slot games is their large jackpot. Generally speaking, these jackpots sometimes feature several millions of dollars and other life-changing amounts. Conversely, you typically need to hit astronomical odds to land a progressive jackpot, but there are numerous cases of players winning them. There have even been examples of players hitting a progressive jackpot twice within several months.

Progressive slots operate straightforwardly. These games represent a group of video slots linked together in a progressive network. To generate such whopping jackpots, these games take a small percentage of each wager made on a slot in the network. The jackpot becomes bigger as people play. It’s possible to win the jackpot by playing any progressive game within the network. 

When it comes to answering how do video slots work, there is a crucial consideration. In terms of progressive jackpots, note that their amounts are almost too good to be true. On the other hand, since they are so life-changing, other winning combinations on a progressive video slot are usually much smaller than average.


A casino jackpot is a premium prize that all casinos offer to their slot players. It usually requires a player to hit a specific combination of symbols at a slot reel. Winning a jackpot can be life-changing for players, especially when jackpot prizes hit millions!

Jackpots are not some movie fiction. Sometimes they might not reach millions of dollars, but they are always an exciting surprise for all slot players. We’ll show you some of the most incredible casino jackpot wins that have happened thus far.

History’s Biggest Online Jackpots

Imagine riding on a subway when you casually hit millions of dollars. Well, that’s precisely what happened to some of the jackpot winners listed below.

  • $11.6 Million, Mega Moolah. With just $1.50 on a mobile device, a player from the UK landed an $11.6 million jackpot. The most beautiful thing here is that you don’t need to bet big to get millions of dollars.
  • $17.3 Million, Arabian Knights. In 2011, a Norwegian online casino player landed a $17.3 million jackpot on the Arabian Knights. That win broke the idea of US and UK players being the favorites to win huge jackpots.
  • $19.9 Million, Mega Moolah. If winning $11.6 million with $1.50 was unbelievable, then imagine winning almost $20 million with a bet of just $0.25. Jon Heywood from the UK placed a $0.25 stake and ended with a $19.9 million jackpot with the Mega Moolah game. As it seems, even the lowest of the lowest bets can make you a millionaire.
  • $22.4 Million, Mega Moolah. Mega Moolah seems to be the online casino that gives most of the jackpots. In September 2018, a player hit the biggest jackpot in the slot’s history! The most bizarre thing is that the player won it after fewer than 50 rounds, with bets of $0.75 per spin! You never know if those extra spins will bring you a fortune.
  • $24 Million, Mega Fortune. The biggest online slot win of all time goes to a player from Finland. The Mega Fortune online slot justified its name when paying $24 million to spins of $0.25 in value. However, this winner still plays online slots in their leisure time. The thing is, even with you winning the biggest and life-changing prizes, you don’t want to change the sheer excitement and enjoyment of playing online casino slots.

What To Consider When Chasing Casino Jackpot Wins

Not all jackpots feature the same reward system. You should check whether your slot machine offers a progressive jackpot or a regular jackpot.

Progressive Jackpot Slot Machine

A progressive slot machine increases its jackpot value as more players bet on it. That means that progressive jackpot slot machines can give ludicrous jackpot amounts, as seen earlier.

The more players try out the progressive slot, the more the jackpot bonus goes up. When a player wins it, the numbers go down to the default amount and slowly increase over time until another player triggers the jackpot.

Many players agree that the key to optimizing your chances is to get more online casino free spins. That way, you are getting more opportunities without having to bet your money. Imagine winning the jackpot with $0.00? Wouldn’t that be a thing to witness!

Regular Jackpot Slot Machine

Regular slot machines have a predetermined prize. The regular jackpot is an everlasting jackpot that doesn’t change, even if multiple players win it at the same time. A player can hit it over and over again without changing any predetermined value.

Although regular jackpots get hit more often, they rarely have a specific amount that a player wins. When hitting a regular jackpot, a player’s gains will usually be determined by the bet amount. For instance, if a regular jackpot means x1,000 the bet, a player gets $250 for the $0.25 bet.


Whether you opt for a progressive or a regular jackpot slot is up to your desire. However, remember that you never know when the jackpot will hit. That’s why you should try betting more but with smaller bets on a progressive slot or higher bets on a regular jackpot slot.
A lot of online casino articles might help you make the best strategies for getting casino jackpot wins. Ensure that you read our “casino jackpot explained” guide to boost your chances of winning the sweet prizes. Who knows, with a proper strategy, or maybe even a random spin, you could be one of the winners we write about!


Online slots are an exciting and enticing way to win money and have fun from the comfort of your home or on the go. Many players opt to play online casino slots because of their great bonuses and good odds of winning big jackpot prizes.

However, probably the best thing when playing online slots is bonuses. There are many bonuses that players can earn when registering, depositing, and playing. Cashbacks, free spins, and matching bonuses are some of them, not to mention jackpots. 

Jackpots are the greatest thing that can happen to online slot players. They offer life-changing prizes, with the amount sometimes reaching even millions! However, jackpots aren’t the only way to win serious money when playing online casino slots. There are many other factors to factor into the equation when trying to win money at online slot games.

Patience Makes Perfect

Making the most out of your spins requires time and patience.

Firstly, you should pick a reliable, well-renowned game to avoid any inconveniences and make your experience count in every way. That’s why you should always select online casino slot games that are well-reviewed and offer the best online casino experiences.

Secondly, you should learn about your slot game. Find out what all the symbols and features mean. After that, make a strategy to last as long as possible. Lasting longer means more chances of winning the jackpot or other features that positively impact your payroll.

That means you shouldn’t go all-in with your first spin. Making the most out of your spins means carefully planning your paylines and bets. A general rule of thumb is that you should try to bet on as many paylines as possible while keeping your bet to a minimum. That way, you’ll make your payroll last longer by maximizing your chances with the most paylines.

Learn About Slot Variance

A slot’s variance affects players’ gameplay style and payroll. Variance is the payout frequency of a slot game. It means how many times a game statistically pays out and what amount.

If the variance is high, then there is more chance to win when betting higher. With low variance slots, payouts will usually be smaller but more frequent. However, the low variance slots offer higher jackpots than the high variance slots.

You should adjust your pick according to your budget. If you have a higher payroll, why not try your game on a high variance slot game? If you are willing to take your time and wait for that jackpot on the low variance slot, you could make seizable features, bonuses, free spins that bring good cash.

Look out for RTP

All slots have a specific return-to-player percentage or RTP that shows your odds of returning spent money. It is best to find a slot that has an RTP of 90% and above.

In other words: if a slot has an RTP of 95%, that means you’ll get an estimated $95 on every $100 spent, assuming you play for long enough. The higher the RTP, the higher the chances of a player lasting longer at the slot game and maximizing enjoyment and opportunities for landing a jackpot or some other slot feature.

Get Free Spins

Free spins are a great addition to your gambling arsenal. They offer free chances that often lead to profitable slot features without putting your payroll on the line. Free spins are always a welcome bonus that experienced and inexperienced players greatly value.

There are spins like: no deposit-free spins, wager-free free spins, deposit-free spins, and in-game free spins that can turn your rounds into something special. Many casinos offer free spins as a part of a welcome, daily, or weekly bonus promotion. Get the latest info on free spins at and make the most out of your bet.